Happy new year Messages, Sms and Greeting Cards

This New Year we must take some positive resolution and try to implement it in our daily life.

Wish you a very happy new year 2018, My dear friends! This year greet all your loved ones on this special occasion with our best Happy New Year Messages, Sms and Greeting Cards.

Take a long and deep breadth in and out and make your New Year refreshing. This is the time that we should be really thankful for our past year and welcome by opening both the arms our new and fresh New year. New Year 2018 is a brand new year to begin any new work with full of enthusiasm, happiness. This year is very lucky because I’m going to share a secret that how one can be happy in this new year.

You have to follow few basic steps :

  1. Set a goal, goal can be of any type for example, waking up at 5am everyday, or Reading newspaper for 15 mins everyday, anything whatever you like.
  2. Regularity : Be regular with whatever goal or resolve you take.

That’s it, follow these 2 basic steps and see you will feel great.

To remember your goal everyday, write down your goal in a piece of paper and stick to the wall, your bedroom wall would be the great option. Stick it where you can see it every hour of the New Year and be excited for your goal everyday, try to dream your goal. I’m damn sure you are going to love your goal once you start dreaming it.

In the meantime, enjoy the festival by greeting your friends and family members. And greet everyone with hand made greeting cards and images.

Let everyone know you remembered them all the time!

Happy New year Messages

May your holiday season be blessed with peace, love and joy.

Sending you my heartfelt wishes with joy that never ends.

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I wish you in this New year to remain happy and joyful, and to be successful in all phases of life.

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This jubilant new year marks a fresh new start of brighter and more exciting journeys.

I wish you will have the most enjoyable ride ever! Happy new year!

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‘A blessed New Year’

May the road you walk be a smooth one, may your troubles be few – if any,

May the days and years that lie ahead be healthy, happy and many,

May you have friends in abundance,

May the sun shine bright around you,

May the world be a wonderful place to live and may god’s love always surround you.

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May this year 2018 be..

A year of health and happiness,

A year of wealth and wisdom,

A year of peace and prosperity,

A year of glee and glow,

And also a year of love and laughter…..!

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A new chapter unfolds,

a new story to be told,

we say hello to the new,

we say goodbye to the old.

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New year, New start, New beginning, and the preparation for the next year!

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Happy New Year Sms

Beet gaya jo saal, Bhul jaayein,

Is naye saal ko gale lagayein,

Karte hai hum dua rab se,

Sar jhukake..

Is saal k sare sapne pure ho aapke…

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May your new year be blessed with peace, love and joy.

Sending you my heartfelt wishes with joy that never ends.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

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I wish u to have a Sweetest Sunday,

Marvelous Monday, Tasty Tuesday,

Wonderful Wednesday, Thankful Thursday,

Friendly Friday, Successful Saturday.

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Naye saal ki hardik shubhkamnaye…

har saal aata hai, har saal jaata hai,

is saal aapko woh sub mile jo aapka dil chahta hai.

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Everything which inspires u, everything which means most 2 u,

everything that makes u smile and brings u joy

I wish 4 u in the new year.

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New year Greeting Cards

Hello my dear friends…. here I’m sharing some beautiful greeting cards, that u can share with your loves one’s and make them feel happy in this New Year Eve.

Hey friends if u see this greeting card, you will notice that how Santa Clause is desperately waiting for the New year Eve and offering gifts with great joy.

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This is a small gift for all my friends who r watching my site, so guys what are waiting for???! Come and grab this gift 🙂

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This card says good bye to Santa Clause and invites the New year to come and have fun this year!

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This card is for the love birds, and for the people who understand the meaning of love between any relation. A sweet hug to all of you……

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