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Hello friends, here we are sharing some very nice Merry Christmas poems, Greeting cards, messages, sayings, wallpapers and images for you, in this beautiful occasion share these wishes with everyone and make them feel special, make them realize that you really love them by sharing beautiful images. Enjoy this festival with loads and loads of fun and happiness and laughter, and we will always be there to entertain you and will come up new ideas and thoughts. You can also share these wishes and wallpapers in Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and make everyone feel loved with your lovely wishes.

This beautiful occasion of Christmas is celebrated in a very different different ways like most of the families plan one month prior and according to that they celebrate, where most families just don’t prepare at all and still celebrate Christmas with love. For everyone this is the festival of God i.e. ‘Jesus’ so we all are so much excited about this festival that we would like to do the best amongst everyone. This is the occasion of remembering your lord and also to share the goodness of your heart with others. In this wonderful occasion make everyone happy by sharing Christmas wishes, greeting cards and many more things.

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Best Christmas Poems 


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I ate so much on Christmas day

I sank in the snow When

I sat on my sleigh Santa’s raindeer came to say

I’ll only pull you out If you pay I muttered

“I have no dough I only have hay” He replied

Well hey man “Then there you’ll stay!!”


free christmas poems

Sing Hey!

Sing hey Sing hey

For Christmas Day

Twine mistletoe and holly,

For friendship flows

In winter snows,

And so lets all be jolly.


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Every year at Christmas time

There’s not a sign of snow.

Instead we spend our yuletide days

In the sun’s warm cheery glow.


We have the best of Christmas things,

The lights, the gifts, the bells,

(the snowbirds, who arrive en masse to fill our beach hotels.)

The glorious weather fits right in

With our happy Christmas mood,

And we can also walk and run

Without having to be snowshoed.

So don’t feel bad for your Florida friends

Who have no snow or ice.

We think our sunny Christmas here

Is a holiday paradise!


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Merry Christmas from Santa

Two merry blue eyes

A very little nose

A long snowy beard

And cheeks like a rose

A round chubby man

A big bulging pack

Hurrah for Old Santa

We’re glad he’s come back!



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I want to sing of Christmas cheer

For all to hear

Especially for those I hold dear

For it is the Christmas season

That gives me good reason

Because it is no treason

To give and receive

Sentiments so sincere

To all that are here

So I wish you good tidings

On Christmas morn

Because you are loved

By those who hold you dear.


Christmas Greeting cards

Christmas greeting cards are so many, this is one of my best and I know if you will share this card with your dear one’s they will really like it.

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Snowy girl


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Greeting card is great with special wishes.Related image


Hand made greeting card looks so amazing, and the person to whom you  are giving feels special.

Handmade Christmas Card "Stockings Greetings"


This beautiful image of Santa clause looks so adorable that one would love to always think of him.Santa Claus Gif


Share these beautiful greeting cards on Christmas and make your as well as others day special and happening.


The above greeting cards you can share with any one because these cards are absolutely free in our website. So share care and love people.

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Christmas Wishes and Sayings 

The colors of Christmas are bright and they are true, they tell of God’s love and care for you, may your holidays be colorful and happy, and Jesus should fill them with love and laughter. And may each day bring joy your way in the year that follows after.


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A Christmas wish is sent to you

That all your Christmas dream come true

Because the Christmas wishes are always there with you,

May Jesus fill you with loads of happiness in you,

These are the Christmas wishes only for you!

Merry Christmas!


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I really love this picture, this is the sweet and wonderful letter from Jesus written by Rita.

I love you……

You are mine…

Your name is written upon my heart

Your prayers are precious to me.

Your life is in my hands.

I’m always with you

I’m nearer to you than your heart

I gave my life so that you

might live forever with me

So can I ask you to be mine?


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May everyday of new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family. Happy New Year!


May this Christmas end the present year

on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year.

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Best Christmas HD Wallpaper and Images


Flying Santa image looks unbelievable, so share and have fun.

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These snowy images looks perfect to share with your near and dear one’s

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This picture is so adorable, pets are also celebrating Christmas.

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Merry Christmas everyone.

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